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Can I Use Potassium Chloride in my Water Softener in AZ?

You water softener in AZ has many advantages to it. It protects your plumbing and can reduce the amount of lime scale build up that is so common in Arizona. The one thing that prevents many people from getting a water softener in AZ is that they do not like the idea of adding sodium to their water. If you are nervous about adding sodium to your water, there is another option. You could try adding potassium chloride to your water softener in AZ.
Potassium chloride actually has some advantages. It still allows for ion exchange. That means that it will bond with calcium and magnesium, the minerals that cause water to be considered hard. This bonding will still transform the ions in water so that they will eliminate the cause of hard water stains.
Potassium chloride can actually be good for plants if you choose to hook up your water softener in AZ to outside water. Potassium is a common fertilizer that causes plants to be greener and grow faster. If you use potassium chloride on your water, you may have to reconfigure the fertilizer that you use on your lawn because your water softener in Phoenix may take care of the job for you.
If you are on a low-sodium diet, potassium chloride can be a great substitute. Not only does it reduce salt, but it can also add a small amount of potassium that can be beneficial to your health.
The one drawback that you may find with substituting potassium chloride pellets to your water softener in AZ is that it can be more expensive than using salt alone. While the cost isn’t remarkably different, it may add up over time. Potassium chloride pellets are safe use with most water softeners, but before you make the switch read the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular water softener in AZ.