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3 Ways to Maintain the Health of Garbage Disposals

As any Arizona plumber will tell you, having a garbage disposal backed up is the worst. It causes your sink to fill up with decomposing food, leaving your kitchen and home smelling less than pleasant. However, did you know that there are a few easy ways to make sure that your garbage disposal doesn’t leave you with more chaos than you need? Let’s take a look at the top 3 tips from Arizona plumbers.

1. Keep hard foods out of the disposal. Throwing things that are dense or have a hard outer shell can dull the blades of your garbage disposal. Plus, smaller objects can actually get stuck in the rotating parts of your disposal units, leading to your need to call up a friendly neighborhood Arizona plumber. You can look into the instruction booklet of your disposal system to see which objects it recommends avoiding; certain newer models do have higher hardness capacities than other systems, but make sure you’re aware of what your system can handle. It’s better to be safe than sorry! You should generally look to avoid large veggies, seafood shells, popcorn kernels, and hard bones.

2. Be mindful of harmful fibers. Vegetables and fruits are excellent for your health, but bad for the health of your garbage disposal system. Try to avoid throwing things like banana peels, celery, potato peelings, hard fruit pits or seeds, and egg shells. With the fruits and vegetables, you can put them down the disposal in minimal amounts as long as you take care to cut them up so that they don’t interfere with the blades of the disposal system. Similarly, trash and papers should stay away from the disposal because they can also clog the blades or other rotating parts. Arizona plumbers see a lot of different things during their work days, but some have reported finding things like children’s toys being the source of a mighty clog!

3. Regularly maintain the health of your system. You can make a daily effort to help your garbage disposal stay in working order with a few easy steps. When you’re preparing to put things down the garbage disposal, make sure you cut large food items into smaller pieces so that you can reduce the risk of them forming a clog; however, if you find yourself cutting up a large amount of pieces, perhaps the food you’re looking to dispose of should be placed in the trash or a compost bin. You should also run cold water through the disposal after using the disposal because it keeps the system from overheating and helps waste go down pipes easier.

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