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Phoenix and Chandler Plumber Insights: Bathroom Fixtures

Just because our Phoenix and Chandler AZ plumbers spend most of their time working on the back end of the bathroom doesn’t mean we don’t have a flair for style! Bathroom fixtures like sinks and faucets are often the last pieces installed when a bathroom is remodeled, but can comprehensively polish the look and feel of your bathroom. Who better to take lavatory style advice than a Chandler plumber? We spend all day in the bathroom!

Some Chandler AZ Plumber advice on bathroom fixtures:

• Make the faucet the focal point: channel your inner Poseidon and embrace the power of water by centering the room’s focus on a chic, attention-grabbing faucet. For a modern bravura, consider the stylish wall-mounted faucet, paired above a freestanding basin and separate wall mount valve.

• Experiment with innovation: your lavatory isn’t “just a bathroom” – it’s an opportunity to tryout features and innovations you haven’t used yet. If it’s within the budget, take a look at touch-sensitive faucets and easy clean surface coatings.

• Finish strong: the finish on your fixtures depends on the style of bathroom you’re designing. Traditional bathrooms are often donned in a handsome rubbed-bronze. Contemporary bathrooms are made all the more modern in polished nickel and chrome. Visit a showroom to see each contender in person before making your order.

For more bathroom insight, call your Chandler plumber! We’re here around the clock to serve all your plumbing needs!