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Will Your Water Softener in AZ Make Your Skin Feel "Slimy"?

If you have never used a water softener in AZ, you may be surprised to feel the difference in your skin with softened water. In fact, some people describe the feeling as slimy or unclean, but that isn’t accurate. The benefits of a water softener in AZ go beyond protecting your pipes. Soft water can protect your skin as well.
You’ve probably heard of the saying “squeaky clean.” Well, being clean until your skin is squeaky isn’t necessarily what is best for your skin. It simply means that all of the oils from your skin have been removed. These oils are vital to making sure that you skin and pores stay cleansed. Without these oils on your skin, you will experience drier skin and a film of soap and minerals that hardened water will leave behind. Having a water softener in AZ is actually healthier from your skin because it allows your body to maintain the oils that will keep your skin looking more youthful and healthy.
On the same note, you probably have noticed that it takes a lot more time to get the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair after you have a water softener in AZ installed. The reason behind this is that hard water lessens the effect of soap on your skin. The minerals in hard water make it so that soap will not later as it should. With soft water you can use half of the soap that you once did. You’ll be cleaner when you use less soap, and it will make it so that your shower won’t take too long either.
The same rule of thumb goes with your laundry, especially if you have a high-efficiency machine. When you have a water softener in AZ installed try removing some of your laundry detergent from the load and see how your clothes fare. Most people can use half the amount of laundry soap when they have a water softener in AZ.