Water Softener Advice: How to Remove Calcium and Magnesium From Water

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Many people try to go without a water softener for years before they realize just how bad mineral build-up can be in a home. There are many older homes that were not built with a water softener in AZ as well. While your water softener in AZ can rid your home of this pesky build-up, it can still occur in areas where you have hard water, such as drinking water. With that said, there are some ways that you can remove the mineral deposits that come from hard water.

Tips to Remove Hard Water Stains

Magnesium and calcium are the most common minerals in hard water, and when these two minerals deposit themselves due to hard water it is called hard water stains or limescale build-up. When you purchase products to remove these stains, look for products that specialize in these types of stains.
Newspaper is actually a great way to remove limescale. The paper provides an abrasive for cleaning off hard water stains and the print on the paper has a reducing agent that actually helps to break down the minerals so that cleaning is easier.

Clear Mineral Deposits With Acidic Liquids

You can also counteract mineral deposits by scrubbing with some form of acid. Lemon juice is a natural acid that can be quite effective against limescale. Vinegar also works well because of its high acid content. If the stains are really tough, you may have to opt for a higher acid cleaner. Many cleaning companies offer solutions to remove the limescale.

When you get a water softener in AZ you will notice that much of the limescale will slowly break down as the sodium-rich water transforms the minerals. Your water softener in AZ will not be able to remove all of that limescale though. After spending the time cleaning all of that limescale for good, you will be more thankful than ever that you opted for a water softener in AZ.

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