What Impurities Does Reverse Osmosis in Phoenix Remove?

Let’s start today’s post with a little chemistry lesson. If you want to know what chemicals or impurities are removed from reverse osmosis in Phoenix, you have to know the size of the molecules. That may sound confusing, but water is cleaned through reverse osmosis in Phoenix by spraying water at high pressure into a series of filters. Because water molecules are smaller than many of the molecules of harmful impurities, the water will move through the filters free of harmful additives.
Even with this amount of chemistry background information under your belt, it can be hard to know exactly the kinds of impurities that are removed during the process of reverse osmosis in Phoenix. While the list of chemicals that are filtered through reverse osmosis in Phoenix is exhaustive some of the major chemicals can be organized into inorganic compounds and organic compounds. Organic compounds come from living things and inorganic compounds do not.
For example, some of the inorganic compounds that are removed during reverse osmosis in Phoenix are chemicals like arsenic, fluoride, asbestos, barium, lead, mercury, nitrates, sodium, cyanide, and copper. Many of these chemicals easily get into our water system through manufacturing, living in an older home, or city living.
For some reason, organic compounds seem to have a lot longer names, but the filtering potential by reverse osmosis in Phoenix is the same. Some examples of organic compounds include ethyl benzene, a compound that can be found in insecticides, asphalt, or in the manufacturing process of gasoline. This compound is known to effect the liver, nervous system, and kidneys.
Carbon tetrachloride is a common organic compound found in paints and in the manufacturing of refrigerants. Propellants and fumigants also carry this compound that has been known to cause cancer and affect the nervous system and kidneys.
There are many compounds that can be removed by reverse osmosis in Phoenix. By having your water tested you can ensure that your water will be safer to drink.
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