Efficient Water Heating

Thinking about replacing that 7, 8, or maybe even 9 year old water heater? Well good, but this time think differently about the way you heat your water. The Marathon® Water Heater paired with the AirTap™ is a great way to heat your water and save money on your utilities all at the same time. The Environfoam® helps to reduce energy consumption by keeping the water hotter for much longer! The tough plastic blow-molded tank cannot rust or corrode and with no anode rod to deal with, your water is never smelly. The Marathon® also comes with a lifetime warranty on the tank. When paired with the AirTap™, even more significant savings are provided. This unit acts as a heat pump, saving up to 75% of water heating operation costs! Beyond that, it produces almost 30% more hot water production per hour, and emits cool, dry air that can be beneficial to your garage in the hot Arizona summer months. The AirTap™ also qualifies for a federal tax credit of up to 30%! So, as you can see this pair pays for themselves in a very short period of time. But, the tax credit ends at the end of the year, so you have to hurry!

Gas water heaters are easily converted and making the change will save you money while the lifetime guarantee will give you peace of mind. Give All About Water a call at (480) 422-2601 for a feasability inspection.

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