Replace Your Arizona Water Heater with the Sun

One of the things people love about being an Arizona resident is the access to over 300 days of plentiful sunshine. But when it comes time to replace your water heater, you’re missing out on one of the state’s most reliable resources: solar energy. Arizona solar water heaters are cost-effective in the long run, providing you with an increase in savings on your water bill and a higher resale value for your home.

Phoenix solar water heaters may be a little more expensive upfront than a traditional water heater, with the difference being several thousand dollars instead of a few hundred. However, the installation of such a high-efficiency system results in opportunities for tax credits and rebates, namely the incentive rebate offered by the Arizona Public Service (APS). The APS Residential Air Conditioner Rebate Program provides rebates to Arizona residents who replace their heat pump/AC unit with an energy-efficient device – just like a solar water heater. This translates into overall savings for you, averaging out to an overall initial cost of $1,000 if you have a normal amount of water usage.

So, what is an Arizona solar water heater? The rapidly advancing technological environment of the solar industry has resulted in a plethora of options for solar water heating. Based on your family size and average water consumption, a batch heater, thermosiphon, direct pump system, and many more varieties are all options for you that can be determined with the help of your plumber in Arizona. It’s a good idea to locate a professional plumber with experience in installing solar water heaters to ensure that you get the best system for your needs.

What’s more, installing a Phoenix solar water heater is environmentally friendly. The less gas or electricity you use, the fewer natural resources your home depletes, allowing you to play your part in helping the planet. A solar water heater is a great way to start or add to an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Other energy-saving options include turning your current water heater’s thermostat down to a comfortable, cooler temperature so that you use less energy heating your water. You can also take steps to fix any drips, however minor – they all contribute to wasteful water usage. Wash full loads of clothes and dishes, and be sure to insulate hot water pipes when possible.

Are you ready to learn more about energy-saving Arizona solar water heaters? The experienced plumbing professionals at All About Water are here to help. Contact (480) 422-2601 today to schedule a feasibility and site inspection with a water heater specialist.

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