Hard water effects on Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis can definitely be one of the best ways to treat water in residential applications. However, there can be issues that exist after installation if there is hard water left untreated. During the filtration process, hard water can cause scale, making it difficult for RO’s membrane to work efficiently and the result is lower quality of drinking water. Hard water is the result of having high mineral content, in most cases calcium and magnesium ions. The hard water causes scale, which has been found to impede appliance performance and result in energy inefficiencies and increased utility costs. In the case of an RO, it essentially slowly kills the membrane. Replacing membranes too frequently can become expensive over time, so it is important that any water treatment provider seeks the root of the issue. It is important that when shopping for water treatment of any kind, to identify what lies in your water supply. Hardness levels vary in the valley from soft to extremely hard. Know where you stand before making a purchase. Give your water treatment professionals at All About Water – Ecowater Systems a call to have your water tested today, (480) 422-2601
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