How A Water Softener In Arizona Works

Many households have a water softener in Arizona but many homeowners are unsure of how a water softener in Arizona actually works. To help you better understand the process of changing hard water into soft water let’s go over the basics of how one works. Basically a water softener in Arizona is just a filter that removes the minerals from your water supply.

In a traditional water softener in Arizona there are three main parts, the mineral tank, the brine tank and the control valve. The water first enters the mineral tank where it goes through resin beads that remove the minerals; this is generally known as the ion exchange and works because the beads used have a negative charge that attracts the positive charge of the minerals. Once this takes place the water is filtered.

Next is the brine tank where a water and salt or water and potassium mixture is kept. This mixture is used during the regeneration process and cleans the resin beads from the mineral tank. The regeneration process of your water softener in Arizona is monitored by the control valve. Depending on the age and type of your water softener in Arizona, some units regenerate on a timer and some have a meter that can tell when the beads need to be cleaned. When the regeneration process is complete and the beads have been cleaned the minerals are removed from your water softener in Arizona and flushed down the drain.

If it’s time for you to purchase a new water softener in Arizona knowing how one works and the process of actually “softening” the water can help you determine which type of model is best for you. Being educated about the different appliances and systems in your home is never a bad thing, either.

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