Phoenix Water Filtration for the Home

Many home owners expect clean water. Unfortunately, the water that flows through Arizona’s pipes is often hard and chemically treated, making it difficult to enjoy directly from the tap. Hard water is difficult for home appliances to process and use. The extra molecules in the water that make it hard, also diminishes the effectiveness of water. In addition, the chemicals found in hard water can aggravate our bodies and skin, laundry, pets and appliances. This is why many people turn to Phoenix water filters in their homes. Read below to find out Phoenix water filtration works and how it will help your home.

How it Works

Home water filters feature internal microprocessors. These microprocessors monitor the amount of water used by the inhabitants of a home. With this information it will prompt the Phoenix water filtration system to regenerate the amount of filtered water for actual and predicted water use.

As the system filters the water, an extra layer of coconut shell carbon removes the small and taste of chlorine throughout the water in your home. The water is passed through several semi-permeable membranes to clear the water of almost all particles. The system is also able to give you information regarding your water usage and if needed help you to better regulate it.

The Difference

A Phoenix water filter will reduce the contaminants in the water, eliminate odors and improve the taste. Appliances such as showers, faucets and washing machines will perform more efficiently with the use of filtered water. Without the extra particles, water will pass through easier and contaminants will not build up over time as with hard water. You will also be able to provide safer drinking water from the tap to your family and pets.

Keep your loved ones and home from using harsh hard water with Phoenix water filtration. For more information on Phoenix water filters in the home contact EcoWaterAZ today!

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