How to Maintain Your Water Softener in Phoenix

For the Phoenix area a water softener is a vital appliance. The water in this area is traditionally very hard and without a water softener in Phoenix you would see a lot of hard water build up that can cause damage throughout your home. The good news is that your water softener in Phoenix is actually quite simple to maintain and can last for many years. It just requires some regular checks to make sure it is functioning properly.
Without salt your water softener in Phoenix would not be able to recharge the resin beads that soften water. The salt will break down over time so it is necessary to frequently check the salt levels to make sure they are at a satisfactory level. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular water softener in Phoenix to know the best way to maintain the salt levels in the system.
It is important that you use the correct kind of salt in your water softener in Phoenix. Some systems will call for granules and others will require larger pills to fill the system. By using the wrong kind of salt you could affect the efficiency of your machine.
Regular inspections are also an important part of maintaining your water softener in Phoenix. For water softener to function correctly the brine (salted water) has to come in contact with the resin beads. Every few months you want to make sure that the water level in your soft water tank is reaching the resin beads so that proper regeneration can take place.
Finally, as part of regular maintenance of your water softener in Phoenix you want to make sure that the salt hasn’t created a salt bridge that would restrict the ability for water to reach the resin beads. A salt bridge is a hard layer of salt between the water level and the resin beads. If notice a salt bridge, all you have to do is gently break it up so you can restore your water softener in Phoenix to full functionality.
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