Phoenix Reverse Osmosis Maintenance

Ensure that your Phoenix reverse osmosis system is running at its absolute best with regular scheduled maintenance performed by an All About Water Specialist.

Phoenix has one of the largest concentrations of reverse osmosis systems in the country; however, the majority of systems installed throughout Greater Phoenix are not cared for properly – resulting in clogged and damaged membranes and filters, low water flow, and/or a higher amount of waste water.

Having regular scheduled maintenance performed on your Phoenix reverse osmosis system is imperative, due to the higher levels of metals and additives found in city drinking water. These additives build up over time and limit the effectiveness of the pre and post filters found within your reverse osmosis unit. Pre-filters are subject to bacterial growth and clogs, and the carbon within them only lasts for approximately one year. If pre-filters are not changed, your post filters and membrane will be contaminated as a result.

The only way to know for sure if your Phoenix reverse osmosis system is functioning properly is by testing your water with a hand held TDS water meter. The easier method is to replace all of the filters found within your Phoenix reverse osmosis system once to twice a year. This way you will know that you are drinking clean and safe water all year round.

All About Water specialists have years of knowledge installing, maintaining, and servicing Phoenix reverse osmosis systems. Let one of our trained specialists assist you with your reverse osmosis system maintenance today.

How Reverse Osmosis Works

  1. Pre-filter: usually referred to as sediment and/or carbon filter (in instances where chlorine is present), the pre-filter removes small particulates which helps to suspend the life of the RO membrane
  2. RO membrane: separates dissolved solids, salts and minerals from water through pressure
  3. Storage tank: treated water is available at a very slow rate, so the storage tank is pressurized to create an adequate water flow
  4. Post filter: generally a carbon filter that is used to eliminate undesirable taste and left over particulates
  5. Delivery tap: a separate delivery tap is installed so both treated and untreated water are available. For instance, you might cook and drink treated water, but clean and water plants with untreated water.
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