Phoenix Water Treatment 101- Understanding Treatment Terms

If you’ve ever looked at a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) or the label of a Phoenix water treatment product, you will notice that there are a lot of terms that can sound like a different language. It may be tempting just pass over all of these terms, but understanding what they mean can help you know exactly how to get a Phoenix water treatment system that will be effective for your home.
First, it is the contaminant or parameter name. This term simply refers to the contaminant that was being tested. For instance, if a Phoenix water treatment product tested the efficacy of filtering chromium or lead that would be considered the parameter name.
Second, you will see the term “unit” mentioned a lot on a Phoenix water treatment label and on your CCR report. The unit is the standard of measurement of the contaminant that is being tested. What may seem like a huge number may actually be microscopic when you pay attention to the unit.
Third, the MCLG is the maximum contaminant level goal. This is actually the good news of your CCR report. It means that they level of the contaminant is so low that it will not pose any significant risk to anyone.
Fourth, MCL is the maximum content level allowed in the water. If the water goes above the MCL, you may profit from purchasing a Phoenix water treatment system that will filter the contaminant that is above the safe level for consumption.
Fifth, the amount detected is also presented in the CCR. It is given as an average so it is not necessarily indicative of your specific water supply. It will give you a good idea of what types of contaminants your Phoenix water treatment system will need to filter.
Finally, you can recognize a violation in your water report when there is a “yes” that indicated the level has exceeded the MCL. In this case, the EPA will require the water be improved, but a Phoenix water treatment product is the best way to get fast, effective water purity.
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