Solar Water Heaters Save Money This Summer

Summer has officially hit Arizona in full swing, leaving us prepared for months of hot, sunny days. But if you’re not equipped to make the most of the sun, you could be missing out on one of nature’s best power sources: solar energy. While water heating might not seem like something that would be at the top of someone’s list this summer, the fact remains that heated water is still a must for things like cooking, warm showers, and other such uses year-around. Instead of going the traditional route and having your water heated by gas or electric means, why not opt for an Arizona solar water heater?

Cut Down Energy Costs

While heated water may not be used as frequently during the summer months, it is still used for a number of necessities year-around; however, why should you pay to have your water heated when you can instead have the sun naturally do the work for you? An Arizona solar water heater works exactly like a traditional water heater by providing heated water throughout your home; the difference is that a solar water heater is located on the roof of your home for maximum solar exposure. As a resident in Arizona, your solar water heating system will definitely get plenty of sunshine throughout the year! Furthermore, these energy-efficient systems tend to be much simpler to install and can last years longer than their traditional counterparts.

So, a solar water heater system sounds nice, but you might be wondering how it helps save on your utility bills. Did you know that at least 15% of a family’s energy bill can come from heating water if they consume the average amount? You’ll be able to cut down on your heating costs significantly because the work will be taken care of for you by the sun throughout the day. While these systems might cost a bit more upfront, there are a number of federal and tax credits available today for homeowners who make the switch to green, energy-saving utilities. This means that you can recoup the cost of a solar water system over time, providing you with the opportunity to save money, give back to the environment, and own a greener home overall. It’s a winning situation!

Work with the Best

When it comes to a solar water heater, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a group of professionals who understand the specific system your home needs and how to install it properly. Work with the experts at Ecowater AZ to receive the best service around. Contact us at All About Water today to receive a feasibility and site inspection with a water heater specialist. We have been trusted with Arizona’s solar needs since 1979 – we’ll help you get the job done!

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