Staying Hydrated Should be Healthy

As the unrelenting heat of the summer is cast down upon the Valley, it’s more critically important than ever to stay amply hydrated.

You’ve heard the rumors, though – unfiltered Phoenix tap water isn’t exactly healthful and nourishing. Unfortunately, there’s truth to the gossip – according to the City of Phoenix 2011 Water Quality Report, Phoenix drinking water contains contaminants including discharge from petroleum refineries, metal refineries, drilling wastes, and leaching from septic tanks and sewage.

The Report also revealed that last year the highest level of arsenic detected in Phoenix drinking water was above the EPA’s national allowable standard. A major source of the arsenic was runoff waste from glass and electronics production throughout the state.

Horrified yet? We don’t blame you. While the water in Phoenix has admittedly improved since the turn of the century, it’s nowhere near the level of water quality your family deserves.

Be Nourished Healthfully – Get a Whole Home Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment!

Nourish your household healthfully and hassle-free, without breaking the bank with the daily purchase of disposable water bottles. Consider a Whole Home Reverse Osmosis treatment from All About Water to virtually eliminate all contaminants and achieve optimum water quality in every room of your house.

Not only will you immediately notice enhanced taste, clarity, and healthiness of your water, but you’ll also say goodbye to hard water stains in your kitchen, bathroom, and utility room. Enjoy softer towels and linens, and relish the luxurious softness of your skin and hair after every shower.

Sound lavish? It is! Sound expensive? It’s affordable!

Contact All About Water, Arizona’s most trusted and efficient water filtration system provider, and reclaim your tap today!

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