Chlorine Removal Helps Cancer Survivor

Walt, a local artist, who enjoys carving gourds, had been fighting cancer for some time. He, with the support of his wife, enrolled in an alternate form of cancer treatment. In this alternate form of treatment, there could be no chlorine in the water. “All chlorine MUST be removed from your drinking water!” said his doctor.

Most filter systems can’t remove the levels of chlorine that exist in Arizona’s water to the extent dictated by his doctor to improve his health. Some can work for short periods of time, but the real question is how long they are effective. Today, EcoWater is in its 25th year with it’s patented chemical removal plus softener – which was the first of its kind.

It has been verified, tested and validated by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to both soften the water and remove chemicals – like chlorine – to the same standard as a refrigerator filter. Walt learned from experience, that products which haven’t been tested and validated have been known to give promises and warranties beyond the scope of there product’s capabilities.

When Walt and his wife did their research, they found other product which were tested and validated by the NSF, but when they compared apples-to-apples – EcoWater’s warranty and no filter replacement by far exceeded any other product.

The couple finally selected an EcoWater’s whole house filtration and reverse osmosis system. After two weeks of using the chlorine free water – the couple saw a drastic improvement in the quality of their drinking water. So much so, that they could not contain their excitement. One person even commented: “He was like a kid in a candy store!”

We would like to tell you how much we enjoy having our EcoWater System. Taking a shower is so much nicer when you get out and feel how nice your skin feels, soft and clean and your hair seems healthier. Our clothes come out clean and we are using less detergent.

As for our drinking water, that is the main reason that we considered getting this water system. My husband must drink water with no chlorine because of a health problem. Our water tastes great and we don’t have to buy and carry home bottled water for him.

Thank you, your staff and installers were all so helpful.

NOTE: If you want to verify EcoWater’s NSF ratings – simply go to and enter “EcoWater” as the manufacturer. You will be glad you did!

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