Why You Should Invest in a Solar Water Heater

Although technically Florida is America’s “Sunshine State,” all Arizonans know that we’re the sun’s rightful namesake. On average, Phoenix boasts an average of 89 days in which the temperature reaches over 100°F per year. Annually, 81% of the year is a sunny day – that’s 302 days per year!

But while some residents hear these statistics and curse the unrelenting heat, it’s prudent to think of the sun as a resource, not a bully!

Bearing Arizona’s aptitude for boiling heat in mind, why not use it to our advantage? For instance, instead of conventional gas or electric water heaters, invest in a solar water heater from All About Water!

Although hot water may be the last thing on your mind this summer, you’d be surprised at how often you use it – for showering, cooking, cleaning, etc. Imagine reducing at least 15% of your household’s average monthly energy bill by utilizing the heat the sun provides, free of charge. That’s right – annually you can save up to $250 on your electric bill!

If you install an Arizona solar water heater on your roof, you’ll employ clean, renewable, green energy to reduce your household’s pollution emissions. While some shy away from installing a solar water heater because of the initial installation cost, yours can pay for itself in just a few years! Every year after that, you’re saving money.

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