Watching Your Salt Intake? Options For Water Softeners In Arizona

Most water softeners in Arizona use pellet salt or nugget salt to help soften the water in a home and while this doesn’t add a tremendous amount of salt to a home’s water some people still have to watch their salt intake. If you’re one of these homeowners there are a few different options for you when it comes to your water softener in Arizona.

One option that many homeowners choose is a saltless water softener in Arizona. This type of water softener in Arizona uses potassium chloride instead of salt as the ion exchange and to soften the water. This is an option that many homeowners choose because it involves only having one type of water treatment system in their home and can be one of the least expensive options. If you’re interested in still having a regular water softener in Arizona you can always choose to install a reverse osmosis filter to your drinking water tap. This will remove the salt from your drinking water to ensure that you don’t ingest any unnecessary salt. A third option is to install your water softener in Arizona to only the hot water supply. Your drinking water and all cold water that you run through your faucets will be untreated, hard water; some homeowners don’t like this option simply because they still have to drink the hard, untreated water.

If you’re trying to watch your salt intake and are concerned that a traditional water softener in Arizona is going to give you too much salt in your water, there are a few different options available to you that can meet your drinking water requirements. Determining which is best for your household and your budget are important before taking the next step and purchasing either a traditional water softener in Arizona or a saltless one.

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