Can Your Water Softener in Arizona Make Water Too Soft?

A common concern for people that have a new water softener in Arizona is that their water is too soft. If you have felt this concern, understanding the science behind your water softener in Arizona may help to clear up any concerns you may have.
When sodium is mixed with calcium and magnesium, the most common minerals in hard water, it changes the water. If you started with water that had a hardness of 10 grains per gallon (GPG), sodium introduced to the water would reduce the hardness to 0 GPG.
It is impossible to have negative water hardness with a water softener in Arizona. It is like taking a sponge and filling it with water. The sponge can only saturate to a certain point. After that, it is not like you can push more water into the sponge if it is at its capacity. The same kind of principle works with your water softener in Arizona. The sodium will only adhere to the minerals in the water. Your water softener isn’t able to adhere to minerals that aren’t there.
The real problem is not with your water softener in Arizona. To trouble shoot this kind of problem it may be that you need to reduce the amount of soaps and detergents that you use. If you use too much shampoo, for example, it lathers up much, much more than it would with hard water. In fact, most people can cut down their soap usage in half.
If you feel like your water softener isn’t functioning correctly after you decrease the amount of soap in your home, you can always call your dealer. They can come and check out your water softener in Arizona and can test the water to make sure everything is functioning correctly.
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