What Is a Salt Bridge in Your Water Softener in Arizona?

If you have a water softener in Arizona, you may have heard the term salt bridge. If you haven’t ever heard the term, it is good to know exactly how to treat this very common problem.
A salt bridge in your water softener in Arizona is a crust of salt that forms on the top of the layers of water, salt, and resin beads in the tank of your water softener. To demonstrate how this works, get a cup and pour some water and salt into it. Stir up the salt until it is thoroughly mixed into the water. Now, allow the solution to sit for a few days. What happens is the salt that is in the water begins to separate and the water will evaporate, bringing some of the salt crystals with it. What you will notice is a hard layer of salt forming around the cup. If you use enough salt and let it sit long enough it will for a hard layer over the water.
Why is a salt bridge bad for your water softener in Arizona? If the salt hardens, it can make it so that salt will no longer reach the resin beads in your water softener in Arizona that serve to soften you water. The resin beads are recharged periodically by the salt and if the salt can’t reach the beads, you will have sodium depletion. It means that your water will not continue to be soft.
The best news of all of this is that a salt bridge is a pretty easy fix. In fact, you can do it on your own. All you have to do is carefully break up the salt bridge. Take care to remove any hard particles from the sides as a well because it will only serve as a new beginning for salt crystals to form in your water softener in Arizona. It is best to periodically check your water softener in Arizona for signs of a salt bridge so you can quickly correct the issue.
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