What To Do if Your Water Softener in Arizona Isn't Working?

While your water softener in Arizona is normally maintenance-free there are times when you have to trouble shoot simple issues that may arise. If your water softener is Arizona is not working, it may be because of a salt bridge in the tank.
You will notice a salt bridge because your water softener in Arizona is cycling like normal but the water that runs through your house is hard. You will notice the hard water because your soap won’t lather or hard water will build up on shower walls, etc. A salt bridge makes it so that the brine in your water softener in Arizona is not coming in contact with the resin beads that soften water.
To fix a salt bridge, there are a few things that you can try. First, try to pour a few gallons of hot water into the tank of your water softener in Arizona. This can often break down the salt bridge on its own.
If that doesn’t work, you will have to manually break up the salt bridge. A broom handle often works well to get past the salt pellets so you can reach the salt bridge. Move the broom toward the bottom of the tank until you get to a hard layer. Use the broom to break up this layer and then remove the chunks of salt. You should be aware that there is a white grid at the bottom of some salt tanks. You should be cautious not to break through this grid or it would need to be repaired.
After that, set your water softener in Arizona to recharge. The water should drain from the water softener in Arizona and be replaced by sodium-rich water that will serve to regenerate all of the resin beads. You will be able to tell if the system has been repaired a few hours after regeneration.
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