3 Plumbing Jobs that should never be DIY - When it's Time to Call a Phoenix Plumber

There are moments when you know it’s time to call a Phoenix plumber. The toilet has developed a geyser. The garbage disposal is screeching like something from Friday the 13th. The drain in the tub has clogged so much that you have your own, personal, built-in stopper.

But for all the smaller things in a world that revels in the power of DIY projects, just how do you know when it’s time to call a Phoenix AZ plumber? Because it’s certainly not a question we’ve heard only once or twice, and because sometimes the decision is a big one, here at All About Water, we’ve compiled a list of 3 plumbing jobs that should simply never be DIY:

  1. Replacing a toilet: While there are certainly hundreds of “How To” articles online, replacing the toilet can be one of the harder plumbing jobs to do on your own. Because replacing a toilet is a meticulous three step process – removing the old, installing the base, and attaching the new – there are dozens of things that can go wrong. Unless you’ve done it before or you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re doing, avoid a broken bowl or poorly sealed bolts by calling in a trained Phoenix plumber instead.
  2. Fixing a broken water heater: Because fixing a broken water heater means dealing with gas, pipes, and high levels of heat, going the road alone can mean more than just a mess – it can mean a dangerous situation. When it comes to water heaters, its best to leave it up to your trusted Phoenix, AZ plumber!
  3. Unclogging the garbage disposal: Unless the clog is a relatively superficial one (i.e. you can easily see what’s in the drain’s way), it may be best to call in the pros when it comes to your disposal. Because you’re dealing with pipes and blades, sometimes working with a seriously clogged disposal comes down to keeping yourself safe and your kitchen mess free!

If you’re ever caught in between and are trying to decide whether to take on the task by yourself or enlist some professional help, never hesitate to call your local Phoenix plumber at All About Water! Visit us today at https://ecowateraz.com/.

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