UV on Well Water

Studies show that one in four wells in the U.S. will test positive for coliform bacteria. This alarming statistic underscores the importance of proper disinfection and accurate, periodic water testing. Ultraviolet light has been used since the early 20th century to disinfect water, but increased consumer awareness about waterborne pathogens-such as E. coli- has led to a rising demand for UV systems in private homes.

Unlike other disinfection methods, such as chlorination, UV does not require the use of potentially harmful chemicals. The nice thing about UV is that you’re not adding anything to the water, so you can’t really over-treat with UV. Ease is another area where UV holds a distinct advantage over its chemical competitors. If the proper pretreatment is employed, UV systems only require users to replace the lamp once a year.

Pretreatment is extremely important when on a well. UV is not going to solve all problems. So how do you know what type of equipment you need? Very easy, call your friends at All About Water and allow us to have your well water analyzed at a lab. Once we have results as to what is in the water, we can advise on proper treatment. Call us today at (480) 422-2601.

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