Troubleshooting Your Water Softener In AZ

Sometimes homeowners have a question or minor issue with their water softener in AZ that doesn’t necessarily warrant a call to a plumber; these questions typically have more to do with how the water softener in AZ should be functioning and are easy fixes. To help you avoid a call to your plumber or water treatment specialist here are a few of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to your water softener in AZ.

From time to time homeowners may still see iron staining even though their water softener in AZ is still functioning properly. This could be due to a number of different reasons. First, don’t ever let your water softener in AZ run out of salt; if you have, this may be causing the iron staining. Your resin tank may also be too small to handle all of the iron in your water or your water softener in AZ isn’t regenerating often enough. If your system is older, one final solution could be that the water tank is rusting from the inside out.

Another common question about the functioning of water softeners in AZ is why there is still odor in the water. It is important to note that water softeners in AZ do not remove odor from the water. If the odor in your water is something that you’d like to get rid of you can either try using a carbon filter along with your water softener or have a plumber replace a part in your water heater that can at times cause your hot water to smell.

Troubleshooting issues or questions regarding your water softener in AZ is important to do to ensure that the problem you are experiencing isn’t a major one. Remember, for all major plumbing issues or problems it is best to contact a plumber to determine what the issue is.

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