Tips on How to Conserve Hot Water from your Phoenix Plumber

We use our Arizona water heaters every day, from bathing to laundry to dishes to housework. A home that consistently runs out of hot water can cause issues for the inhabitants. Dishes and laundry can’t be as clean without hot water. Also, by conserving more hot water you may be able to lower your electricity bill. Almost 25 percent of many home electric bills come from the creation of hot water. This Phoenix plumber has provided a few tips below on how to better conserve hot water and get the most out of your Arizona water heater.

Change the Temperature

Each water heater has a temperature gauge that can be altered. By lowering the temperature gauge to between 120 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit you will not only increase the reach of your hot water but you will also lower your electricity bill. This will also save your family members from burning hot water.

Seal the Leaks

Leaking faucets, pipes and other water devices can add to the workload of your water heater. This Phoenix plumber recommends sealing all leaks promptly. Even though it may seem small, it is important to stop all excess water from being used. Each drop that falls from a faucet, pipe or showerhead is one more drop your water heater must reheat.

Insulate your Arizona Water Heater

Many times a water heater is stored outside or in a garage, not in a temperature controlled environment. For this reason, home owners should insulate their water heaters. Adding the extra protection will keep the warm temperatures in and the cold air out, easing some of the work of the heater and lowering your electricity bill.

Use Water Efficiently

This may seem simple but there are several ways to do this. Instead of baths, take quick showers. While using your garbage disposal, use cold water instead of hot. When you are washing your dishes by hand, fill the sink with hot water and use the plug to let the dishes soak, instead of letting the hot water run. Whenever possible, wash full loads of laundry. This will keep you from using excess water. If you need to wash a smaller load accurately use the load size on your washing machine. For instance, if it is a small load, select small. Finally attempt to use cold water for traditional house cleaning.

Excess strain can cause issues for your Arizona water heater. Use the above tips to save money on your electric bill and stretch the reach of your hot water. To learn more about Arizona water heaters contact the Phoenix plumber, EcoWaterAZ today!

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