Tips from a Phoenix Plumber: How to Childproof Your Bathroom

Being a Phoenix plumber means solving plumbing problems of all severities and sizes. From backed up sinks to faucet leaks, we’ve been around the block and we’ve probably seen it all. That being said, one thing we see all too often are clogged pipes due to…you guessed it! Children’s toys that belong less in the toilet, and more in the toy box.

How do you make sure your child won’t accidentally drop her favorite toy in the bowl and require an emergency Phoenix plumber rescue mission? And more importantly: how do you make sure she’s safe while in the bathroom?

At All About Water, we know there are some accidents that just can’t be helped. But we also know that when it comes to your children, nothing matters more than safety. Here are three safety tips from a Phoenix AZ plumber on how to childproof your bathroom:

  1. With a toddler, try a toilet lock: The best way to guard against dropped toys, pinched fingers, and curious hands is to invest in a toilet lock. These are small, easy to install and will prevent your toddler from lifting the lid without your supervision.
  2. Secure a safety guard: Many local stores sell soft plastic or rubber safety guards that slip easily over the potentially sharp metal of the tub spout. With these rubber guards, you can ensure that if your child bumps his or her head during bath time, the impact will be significantly softer.
  3. Get a nonslip mat: Nonslip or rubber-backed mats are perfect for bathrooms shared by children. They can turn a slippery situation into a safe one, and will help ensure that if your child does take a spill, he or she will land on a mat, not the tile of the bathroom floor.

Whether you have a baby, infant, or toddler, these tips from a Phoenix plumber will help you childproof your bathroom and keep your family safe.

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