How Phoenix Water Softeners Improve Your Skin

There are two classifications of water quality: hard and soft. Water that is deemed “hard” contains a large quantity of dissolved minerals – calcium and magnesium in particular. These minerals are acquired by the water as it moves naturally though soil and rock, where it dissolves and absorbs very small amounts of minerals. Though hard water is not a health risk, it can be a nuisance to bath, launder, or clean with.

If you suffer from chronically dry skin or can’t get rid of that uncomfortable itchy feeling, the problem may very well be the water you shower in. Showering in hard water does not provide an ideal bathing experience, and can make your skin look dull or otherwise irritated.

When people shower in hard water, they often emerge with a film of sticky soap scum on the surface of their skin. This soap scum prevents your skin from getting truly clean, and can lead to clogged pours or other manifestations of irritation. This soap scum and the water’s minerals upset your skin’s pH level at its cellular level. Hard water is highly alkaline, meaning it has a high pH balance. Water that is alkaline will keep your skin from returning to its normal, slightly acidic state. This can lead to a condition called hard water dermatitis, in which the skin simply won’t stop being dry.

Unfortunately for residents, the Valley has some of the hardest water in the nation. Frustrating, isn’t it? Phoenix water softeners can help!

If you’ve tried every skin cream, lotion and wash on the market and your skin is still hopelessly dry, your hard water may be the cause. Call the team at family-owned EcoWater, your trusted squad of first-rate plumbers, to install EcoWater Systems which soften and condition the water in your home. When you treat your water with Phoenix water softeners, from EcoWater, you’ll improve your family’s water quality and enjoy your showers more. Your glowing skin will thank you!

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