How to Decide Which Alternative Phoenix Water Heater Installation System is Right for You.

Here at All About Water, we know that when it comes to selecting a Phoenix water heater installation company, there are a lot of choices. And we know that when it comes to selecting a specific water heater beyond the conventional system, there can be just as many. That’s why we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you to pick a trustworthy company that offers the top choices for alternative Phoenix water heaters: All About Water.

But once you’ve made that decision, which water heater system do you choose? Which one will fit your needs, your family, and your home? At All About Water, we offer three dependable, alternative choices: Solar, tankless and heat pump. But what are the differences?

Solar Water Heaters: Looking for a green and cost-efficient way to heat your water andsave money? Then a solar water heater might be the right choice for you. With over three hundred bright and sunny Arizona days in a year, the easy-to-install solar water heater is designed to provide you and your family with warm water while keeping your monthly payments low.

Tankless Water Heaters: Rather than just storing hot water like a conventional water heater might, the tankless system turns on and off the heat when you do. When the faucet is on, the tankless Phoenix water heaters turn on a heat exchanger or heating coils in no more than 5 seconds after they detect running water. A tankless heater is the perfect way to go green and save energy while ensuring that your family has comfortable, warm water at their fingertips.

Heat Pump Water Heaters: The heat pump water heater system is a perfect choice for those looking to save money during both installation and during monthly payments. The initial Phoenix water heater installation fee is extremely cost effective and the AirTap technology, which draws heat from its surrounding environment, is incredibly energy efficient.

So whether your goal is to go green, save energy, save money, or all three, All About Water has the right alternative water heater for you. To learn more about the different systems or to speak with a trained water heater specialist, please visit our website at:

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