The Three Layers inside Your Water Softener in Arizona

The person that installs your water softener in Arizona will help to make sure that all the equipment is working properly, and a water softener in Arizona is relatively maintenance free. All you really have to do is make sure you add salt to the system whenever it is low-for the most part. While there isn’t a lot of maintenance with a water softener in Arizona, you should understand the basics of what is actually inside of your water softener so that you can trouble shoot any problems that may arise.
Inside of your water softener you will find three distinct layers that each contain an important element to your water softener in Arizona. The first layer contains resin beads. These are the beads that actually soften your water. As the water moves through your system, these beads add the correct amount of sodium to your water. The problem is that over time these beads will need regeneration, and that is what salt is for. The resin beads soak in a brine solution inside of the tank of your water softener in Arizona, making it possible for them to continue to soften your water.
The second layer of your water softener is called brine, or sodium-saturated water. The water comes in contact with the resin beads so that they will continue to do their job. The brine in your water softener in Arizona is drained and re-filled at intervals defined by a timer, water usage, or resin bead depletion.
Finally, salt is the final layer of your water softener in Arizona. You always want to make sure that the salt is filled to the level recommended by your manufacturer.
To make sure your water softener in Arizona is functioning correctly check every time you add salt to be sure that all of these layers are coming in contact with one another. It will ensure that your water softener will run in peak condition.
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