Tips from a Phoenix Plumber: Get to know your Garbage Disposal

Any Phoenix plumber will tell you that there are few appliances as helpful (and temperamental) as a garbage disposal. From clogs to packed disposal traps, there are a dozen different ways your garbage disposal could run into a dicey situation – leaving you without one of the most convenient parts of your kitchen.

And though a Phoenix, AZ plumber is always only just a phone call away if you do experience a garbage disposal clog, there are a few ways you can prevent a drain problem before it even happens. Here is the All About Water list of garbage disposal tips and tricks:

1. Toss that grease: Though pouring excess cooking grease down the kitchen sink may seem like an easy solution, it could come back to haunt you – and your drain. Though it may be fluid at the time, when that grease cools, it will solidify and make for a stubborn clog. Avoid the problem by bottling your grease and throwing it in the trash instead.

2. Skip the seeds: Though this one may be a little more well-known, it’s also one of the most important. From olive pits to pumpkin seeds, the seemingly harmless fruit cores can damage your garbage disposal blade and create a blockage to the pipes.

3. Rice and pasta: Unlike pits and seeds, this tip might be a little less well-known. Because rice and pasta expand when wet, they can collect in your disposal trap and create a rather large clog as more and more water inevitably pours in.

4. Egg shells: Though undeniably part of a great debate, every Phoenix plumber will tell you that egg shells really shouldn’t find themselves anywhere near your garbage disposal. Though it’s been said that they benefit your disposal (by sharpening the blades), they really only stand to create a clog. Because eggs have a thin layer of stretchy membrane lining their shells, the blades can become damaged, causing one messy situation.

5. Stringy foods: From celery stalks to onion peels, stringy foods should never find their way into the garbage disposal. Though their soft consistency may seem safe for the drain, their fibrous skins can easily wrap around the blade and cause big problems in the long run.

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