Troubleshooting Your Water Softener in Arizona

Your water softener in Arizona is normally maintenance-free. All that it normally requires is for you to replace the salt periodically, but there are times that your water softener in Arizona may give you some trouble. Many times the problems that come with a water softener are minor and can be fixed easily. Here are some common issues with a water softener in Arizona and the ways that you can troubleshoot the issue.
First, what do you do if there is no power to your water softener in Arizona? This is often a power outage of some kind. It isn’t normally a problem with you actual water softener. First, start by unplugging the system and plugging it back in. If the power comes on, then it was probably a simple malfunction.
If the power doesn’t come back to the water softener in Arizona, check the circuit breaker in your home. Sometimes, too many electrical devices connected to a circuit can cause the breaker to trip and turn off. By flipping the breaker you can return power to the water softener in Arizona.
Some outlets come with a restart button as well. Check the outlet where your water softener in Arizona is plugged in to see if it is connected to a “GFI” outlet. By pushing the reset button you can restore power to the system.
Finally, if the water softener in Arizona is not working, you should check the outlet itself. Plug in a small appliance like a hair dryer into the outlet and turn it on to see if the outlet is functioning. If it works, you should have your softener serviced. If it doesn’t work, you may have to call in an electrician to figure out why power is not getting to your water softener.
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