Troubleshooting Salt Levels with Your Water Softener in Arizona

To make sure that you water softener in Arizona is functioning properly you want to make sure that the salt levels in your water softener in Arizona are correct. If you find that the salt levels are not going down by the water softener is regenerating, there are a few ways that you can troubleshoot the problem.
First, there may be some kind of a mechanical problem with the water softener in Arizona. Make sure that you don’t have a leaking valve. You can also watch the regeneration process to make sure that it is working correctly. This way you can tell if you need to call a qualified professional to come and fix the system.
Second, salt may become solid just above the water level. Brine is water that is saturated with salt and this salt can sometimes create a crusty layer in the tank of your water softener in Arizona. This hard layer is called a salt bridge and for your water softener in Arizona to function correctly, you have to break up this layer and remove any large chunks of salt. After that, the water softener should function correctly.
Third, occasionally salt crystals can cause a residue in the bottom of the tank of your water softener in Arizona. If this occurs, it can block the flow of water out of the tank and will make it so that regeneration cannot occur. The best way to fix this problem is to empty out the water softener in Arizona and clean it thoroughly, removing any residue in the bottom of the tank.
Finally, the brine refill control could be clogged. If this happens it makes it so that the brine cannot escape the tank. The water softener in Arizona will register that the levels are correct and will not continue the regeneration process.
If you have any questions about your water softener, feel free to call a professional to fix the system.
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