How to Pick the Right Size of Water Softener in AZ

If you are reading this article, you realize how important a water softener in AZ is. They can save your plumbing, increase the life of your appliances, and keep your home and body cleaner, but how do you know what size of water softener in AZ to use? If you have your water softener in AZ installed, your installer should have a pretty good idea of the size and type of water softener that will best fit your home. If you install it at home, you will need to buy an appropriate water softener in AZ.
Whatever way you install your water softener in AZ there is a formula that you can use to figure out the type of water softener that you should buy. Your water softener size is dependent upon the amount of people that use the water and the degree of hardness of the water. Your water softener size is classified by the amount of grains per gallon (GPG) that the softener will treat. “Grains” simply refer to the amount of mineral in the water that will have to be treated by the resin beads that sit in the tank.
To figure out how much GPG you will need to treat take the number of people that live in your household. Next, you need to find out how hard your water is. You can get this information by having your water tested or you can use the Consumer Confidence Report published by your city that indicates the average water hardness in the area. When you know how hard your water is multiply the people in your household times the hardness of your water (in GPG) times 75 gallons of water. That is the average amount of water that people will use.
This total will give you the amount of GPG that your water softener will need to treat. By using this formula you can make sure that your water softener in AZ will be able to treat the amount of water that you use in your home.
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