Soften Your Water

When it comes to water, it can either be hard or soft. But what’s the difference? Specifically, hard water contains higher levels of dissolved minerals (like magnesium and calcium) and brings with it the unfortunate occurrence of soap scum. This happens when the water’s dissolved ions react with the chemicals in soap to create a sticky scum that can build up over time, damaging appliances and making your cleaning duties more difficult.

Plus, clothes washed in hard water can feel rough and even wear out as much as 15 percent faster than clothes washed with soft water, according to a Purdue University study. Did you know that the Phoenix Valley is home to some of the hardest water in the nation? Armed with this knowledge, many people are becoming more interested in soft water options – and the best way to get there is with professionally installed Phoenix water softeners.

Why Would I Use Soft Water?

There are a number of benefits that soft water can offer: it’s gentler on your laundry and can leave it cleaner and softer to the touch, dishes will look cleaner, appliances will work better, plumbing is protected, cleaning is easier (particularly in bathrooms), and your skin and hair will feel smoother. Phoenix water softeners work hard to prevent soap scum build-up, offering a distinct advantage when it comes to leaving your bathrooms looking beautiful. While the jury is still out on whether or not soft water is healthier, the fact remains that hard water can cause problems in terms of taste, color, and unwanted deposits inside of plumbing, pipes, and cookware.

If you’ve been raised on hard water your entire life, you might notice a distinct difference between washing with hard and soft water. Many people state that soft water leaves skin feeling “slimy” after washing; one reason for this is that the minerals in hard water strip your skin of its natural oils when you wash, while bathing with soft water allows these oils to remain. This can cause your skin to feel a bit oilier than if you were to wash with hard water, which could take some getting used to.

Work with the Best

When you weigh the pros with the cons, soft water can be a better option for a number of households. If you’re interested in learning more about Phoenix water softeners and how they can benefit your family, work with a professional team which has experience in water softener installation. It’s your home – you deserve the best! Contact us at All About Water today to receive a feasibility and site inspection with a water softener specialist. We have been trusted with Arizona’s solar needs since 1979 – we’ll help you get the job done.

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