Reap the Benefits of a Phoenix Water Softener

There are many reasons to love living in Arizona, but the state of our tap water isn’t one of them. In a survey conducted in 2007 regarding the cleanliness of tap water in 100 cities, Phoenix scored dead last. This is not to say that Phoenix tap water is unsafe, but the ranking was based on “levels of arsenic, lead, halo-acetic acids and total trihalomethanes…and total coliform bacteria, plus the number of EPA water-system violations from 1995 to 2005.”

Phoenix locals often warn visitors to never drink the tap water due to its taste and smell. However, you don’t have to feel resigned to living with less-than-admirable tap water; if you want to be able to enjoy bottled-water quality straight from the tap, a water softener and treatment system is worth looking into.

Phoenix water softener systems that employ reverse osmosis, like the ERO 375 series, are made to resist corrosion and withstand the temperature extremes that are common to Arizona. What’s more, the system will transform even the hardest, harshest water into soft water, which is infinitely better for your appliances, linens, and body.

Some of the benefits of soft water include the ability to enjoy water straight from the tap without having to deal with an unusual taste or odor. You will be able to have cleaner dishes that are not marked with hard water stains, and the lifespan of your appliances will be extended without the corrosive quality of hard water pumping through them. What’s more, a Phoenix water softener system will reduce soap film on tile, tubs, and sinks, eliminate hard water spots, and leave you feeling far cleaner after a shower or bath.

Soft water will prevent calcium and magnesium build-up in pipes, which will allow for increased water pressure and flow. You will increase your water efficiency by nearly 30% or more, leading to more savings in your pocket in the long run! So, in short, the benefits of switching over to soft water are endless. Reverse osmosis and other Phoenix water treatment systems will ensure that you will be enjoying the benefits of soft water for years to come.

Are you tired of the issues associated with standard hard water? Are you interested in learning more about Phoenix water softener systems? The experienced plumbing professionals at All About Water are here to help. Contact (480) 422-2601 today to schedule a feasibility and site inspection with a water treatment specialist.

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