4 Tips for Avoiding Clogs

Are you tired of having to deal with backed-up pipes, slow-draining sinks, and sewage overflows? You may be suffering from clogged household pipes. As any experienced plumber in Arizona will tell you, many foods that we are accustomed to eating frequently have the potential to deposit cooking oils, grease, and fats into pipes that congeals as it cools. Fats, oils, and grease – called “FOG” by Clogbusters.org – can build up over time, leading to a headache of a mess as you try to deal with plumbing that just is not flowing smoothly.

There are several ways to avoid having to deal with clogged pipes. For example:

1. Be aware of clog-causing foods. Delicious meals that include roaster chicken, pie, cookie dough, sauces, gravy, butter, and juices can all clog up your pipes if they are allowed to enter your sink. Avoid this mess by wiping plates clean of these remains and throwing them into a lined garbage bag (for solids) or can with a lid (for liquids).

2. Recycle your frying oil. Many local landfills feature a household hazardous waste collection facility that is usually free of charge. At these areas, you can take leftover cooking and frying oil and drop it off with little effort. The oil is then later reused for animal feed, so please be sure to not mix it with any toxic substances like motor oil. For a waste collection facility to collect your oil, pour it into a metal can once it has cooled and put a lid on it. The oil will congeal after some time and you will be able to safely transport it to your local landfill.

3. Avoid flushing certain items. The toilet should not be a second wastebasket. Be sure to not flush things like baby wipes, diapers, rags, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and food scraps – these items, and others like them, will stick to pipes and clog up your plumbing substantially.

4. Watch for trees around your sewer lines. Trees, though beautiful, tend to grow strong and winding roots that can damage sewer pipes by obstructing their flow and causing blockage. Roots intruding into pipes can also let storm water and other foreign substances into your pipes, which can cause further clogging or an overflowing of your plumbing system that can actually damage your waterways and the surrounding environment. Be sure to plant trees away from your sewer lines, and if there are trees already growing close to those lines, enlist the help of a plumber in Arizona to safely clear the pipes of intruding roots.

Clogs can be avoided by following the steps above. Be sure to ask your plumber in Arizona if you have any further questions – we’re here to help!

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