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Whole Home Water Filtration in Chandler

EcoWater – Your Water Perfected

Did you know that the water in your home may not be as clean as you assume? Chandler has notoriously hard water and much of our tap water is treated with chemicals. The hard water can wreak havoc on your home’s laundry, dishwasher, shower, and toilet, leaving behind calcium deposits that leave clothes stained and dishes spotty. At All About Water, we want to help our customers get higher quality water that is safe for their bodies and their appliances.

With our EcoWater Water Refining System®, you can see softer, safer water that has been purified through a multi-step purification process. This state-of-the-art filter is safe for your entire home and available through All About Water.

If you are interested in learning more about water filtration systems in Chandler or the nearby areas, call us at (480) 470-0404 or contact us online today.

Why Choose EcoWater?

Unlike other filtration systems, EcoWater not only purifies your home’s water but also removes the smell and taste of chlorine through a unique layer of coconut shell carbon. EcoWater filtrations are cost-effective and energy-efficient, thanks to an advanced digital memory that will only filter the water on-demand. The system offers an electronic capability to help you see the usage of your system in real time and allow you to monitor the system through remote technology.

Having EcoWater Water Refining System® in your home, you could see:

  • A reduction in the cost of your utility bills
  • Less hard water stains and calcium buildup on your dishes
  • Maintained bright colors and bright whites in your laundry
  • Better skin and hair overtime in your showers
  • Higher efficiency of your appliances
  • Less calcium buildup and residue on showers and toilets

    Our whole home filtration system may be right for you, and All About Water can help. To discuss your options for a water refiner, call us today.

    Interested in Cleaner, Purer Water? Let All About Water Help!

    If you are tired of seeing the buildup of hard water, now is the time to act! Let All About Water work with you to discuss your options for a whole home water filtration system in Chandler. EcoWater may be the smart choice for your family!

    To request more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (480) 470-0404 today. We serve customers throughout Maricopa County.

    Our Customers Trust Us With Their Water

    • On-time and very knowledgeable.

      “On-time and very knowledgeable.”

      Craig L.

    • All About Water got everything running the correct way.

      “All About Water got everything running the correct way.”

      Molly O.

    • Great product with the service to match.

      “Great product with the service to match.”

      Richard P.

    • Now that I have experienced the difference, I wish I had purchased all about water a long time ago

      “We recently purchased the whole house water system, The only thing I wish is we should have made this purchase from all about water a long time ago! We love,love,love our water system.”


    • They are certainly 5 out of 5!

      “They are certainly 5 out of 5!”

      Wanda Y.

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