Troubleshooting Iron Stain with Your Water Softener in Arizona

Your water softener in Arizona will take care of iron stain in most instances, but there are times that iron will not be completely removed from your water. Here are some ways that you can troubleshoot the issue so that you can permanently remove iron stain from your home.
To remove iron, your water softener in Arizona has to have plenty of salt. In fact, it takes more salt to rid your water of iron than it would with other minerals. If you have a lot of iron in your water you may find that you go through salt a lot faster. To get a good feel for how much salt you will use, check your salt levels weekly. It will help you know how often you need to replace your salt. Never let your salt levels get too low as that can lead to iron staining.
Another reason for iron stain would be if you are using water while your water softener in Arizona in regenerating. You will not have access to softened water while the system in regenerating so the water that comes out of your tap will be filled with iron and could cause iron stain. It is usually best to set your water softener in Arizona’s timing to regenerate at night when water is not being used.
If you have a lot of iron residue, you should think about a few things in relation to your water softener in Arizona. Is the water softener in Arizona too small for your home and water usage? Does your system regenerate often enough? Is the iron level too high in your water for your water softener in Arizona to be able to ionize?
Finally, sometimes iron residue doesn’t come from your water softener. If you have an older hot water tank, there could be some rust formation inside of that tank that is entering your water supply. In any case, if you have iron residue, it may be best to have someone come and look at your plumbing system.
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