Unclogging the Drain - Tips from Your Phoenix Plumber

Few things in life are more frustrating than a clogged drain. After a long day at work or in the middle of the morning hustle, spotting a pool of dirty, unmoving water can be a living nightmare for homeowners.

Fortunately, there are many ways to unclog your drain. If you’re pressed for time or don’t want to face the mess, your favorite Phoenix plumber – the team at EcoWater – is just a phone call away! Or, if the clog isn’t severe and you’re ready to get your hands dirty, remove the clog using these tips from your Phoenix AZ plumber.

Clogs form when waste and debris collect in your pipe, then condense and solidify. Plungers and liquid chemicals can dislodge many clogged toilets, sinks and bathtubs. If you suspect your drain is clogged, try pouring a mixture of hot water and ammonia or bleach into it. Let the mixture sit for a time, and check back in a half hour to see if the water has drained.

If the clog doesn’t clear, try purchasing a liquid clearing agent to pour down the drain. If you still don’t see any results, it’s time to get the plunger. Use a plunger or hand auger to try and manually remove the clog. If these techniques fail to unclog your drain, it’s time to call your Phoenix plumber.

For more advice from a Phoenix AZ plumber you can trust to provide your family the very best in home care, call EcoWater today! The team at EcoWater has been providing products, repairs, and installations to the Valley since 1979. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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