Don't Ignore a Leaking Pipe

Do you have a leak in your home that you simply have not gotten around to fixing? An insignificant leak from the kitchen sink or faucet seems like nothing to worry about because the amount of water coming out of it is just a drip at any given moment, right? Unfortunately, leaks in your home are one of the fastest ways to lose money by wasting water.

Wasted Cash

For example, if your home has one faucet that drips 3 times every minute, that’s 4,320 drips daily. That equates to about 1 liter per day, 2 bathtubs per year, and 104 gallons overall annually. What if you have two faucets that drip 5 times a minute? The numbers jump up to an astounding 14,400 drips – or 3 liters – per day, 6 bathtubs per year, and 347 gallons annually! That’s a huge chunk of your hard-earned cash dripping down the drain.

Sometimes, these leaks can be easily fixed with the help of a plumber in Arizona. In other instances, water leaks can lead to an even bigger problem if they take place outside of your home. These leaks are easy enough to spot: they can be found in the form of puddles of standing water around a broken sprinkler or hose spigot, to name a few more common locations. These pools of stagnant water can be the breeding ground for mosquitoes and mold in the worst-case scenario, and at best they will continue to drain water and funds.

Burst Pipes

Other times, pipes can actually burst and have devastating results. Standard home insurance will cover water damage resulting from a burst pipe, but if you don’t address a known water leak for an extended amount of time, your insurance company may not be willing to pay for the damages. Water leaks need to be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent unnecessary damage and huge fees, but this is a job best reserved for a plumber in Arizona.

In an emergency situation, you want to have the number of an experienced and professional plumber in Arizona waiting for you. Be sure to do your research and find a reputable plumber in Arizona in your area that can provide you with emergency assistance or give you the contact information for someone who can help you. In these emergency instances, having the right people around to help you is necessary if you want to avoid any unnecessary damage – be sure to have the contact information of someone you can trust.

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