Cleaning And Maintaining Your Water Softener In AZ

For the most part water softeners in AZ are virtually maintenance free however there are a few steps that homeowners can take to ensure their system works as efficiently as possible. By following these steps one can also increase the longevity of their water softener in AZ; all that’s needed is soap, clean water and something to wipe the unit down. If you don’t trust yourself to clean and maintain your water softener in AZ you can always call a water expert and see if they’ll do it for you.

First, you’ll want to change the setting on your water softener in AZ to “Bypass” so that water doesn’t come into the unit while you’re cleaning it. Once this is done you’ll want to unplug the water softener in AZ and remove the injection cap. Located below the injection cap is a screen; you’ll want to clean this with your warm, soapy water to remove any dirt, debris or grime that may have build-up. Once the screen has been cleaned you can replace it on the water softener in AZ. After replacing the screen, insert something into the injection nozzle to remove any more debris or dirt that could be plugging in and then put the injection cap back on.

If you have build-up in your storage tank you’ll want to remove that, drain any water out and then wipe it out, rinse and replace it. Once these steps are done and you’ve replaced your storage tank you can plug the water softener in AZ back in to the outlet and switch it back to “On” from “Bypass”.

Following these simple steps to regularly clean your water softener in AZ can help you deliver the cleanest, softest water possible to your home, extend the life of the unit and ensure that you get your money’s worth from your water softener in AZ.

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