Common Myths About Water Softeners In Arizona Debunked

Some homeowners are hesitant to purchase a water softener in Arizona because they’ve heard negative things about them that aren’t necessarily true. There are myths floating around about water softeners in Arizona that need to be cleared up so homeowners know the real truth about the many benefits that water softeners in Arizona can bring to a home.

One of the biggest myths, and perhaps the biggest reasons that homeowners are wary of installing a water softener in Arizona is that it sodium to the water which in turn increases one’s sodium intake. Even though a water softener in Arizona uses salt to soften the water, the process is actually completed through an ion exchange; the total amount of salt in your water is not actually altered.

Homeowners have also heard that using a water softener in Arizona leave your skin feeling filmy and slippery. This is actually your body’s natural oils coming to the surface thanks to the use of soft water. With hard water many people are used to their skin feeling dry instead of moisturized as with a water softener in Arizona.

Some people also believe that water can be softened with a salt-free system. While salt-free systems can condition your water or help reduce the scale build up through other means, the only way to truly get soft water is with a water softener in Arizona.

If you are in the market for a water softener in Arizona don’t buy into all of the myths that are floating around out there. There are a number of different benefits to having soft water; be sure to check with your plumber or water treatment specialist for all of the facts before deciding whether or not a water softener in Arizona is right for your home.

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