Maintain a Clear Garbage Disposal

One of the best ways to bond with your kids and have tons of fun is to cook meals with them. Plus, it teaches them the exciting and necessary skill of cooking, all while preparing dinner! However, if you and your blossoming chef notice that the garbage disposal is clogged or clogs often, maybe it’s time to consider these tips to keep your garbage disposal running smoothly.

1. Don’t overwork it. If you’re putting a large amount of food down the garbage disposal, it may become overworked. This problem can be fixed by turning it off and letting the system cool down. You might have to restart the system, most of which can be reset with a small button underneath the very bottom of the system. Let the garbage disposal rest before trying again. If the problem persists, contact your local Phoenix plumber.

2. Put the right foods down the drain. Are you putting things like pasta and rice down your garbage disposal? These seemingly insignificant foods can swell when placed in an environment where there’s a lot of water – like your pipes. This can lead to the foods forming a hard clog. You also want to make sure that you’re running food through the system correctly. For instance, foods like vegetable peels can clog the system quickly if you don’t run the garbage disposal long enough or put enough water through it.

A good rule of thumb is, for every handful of clippings or peels that go down the drain, follow it with a 1/2 sink of water to make sure that the disposal is sufficiently cleared out. If you’re going to be throwing a large amount of food down the drain, don’t put everything in the sink at once – run water in between food items and make sure it is cleared before putting more food in. And avoid putting grease down the drain at all costs! Grease may start off as a liquid, but quickly coagulates and hardens when it cools, sticking to the inside of pipes and refusing to budge. This grease can build up and cause a big clog that only a Phoenix plumber can sufficiently remove.

3. Keep your blades sharp. Something that most people overlook is that the garbage disposal is essentially a bunch of knives cutting up the food and transporting it into your sewer system. As with any sharp utensil, the blades need to be kept sharp for optimal performance; run a cup of ice through your garbage disposal weekly to sharpen the blades.

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