Purification For Arizona Water

Reverse Osmosis systems are the most common type of purification in Arizona. This is because of the high levels of total dissolved solids in the valley. Dissolved solids vary in different areas but typically range from 400 parts per million to over 1000 parts per million. For those on shared or private wells, the dissolved solids can go much higher. These units involve a multi-stage filtration process and usually fits underneath the kitchen sink. The unit supplies water to a storage tank and many times feeding a refrigerator depending on the layout of the kitchen. Water from your municipal supply or tap goes through a sediment filter to remove large particulates. Reverse Osmosis units also have a carbon filter to remove organic materials and chlorine. Chlorine removal is important in Arizona as the municipal supply uses high levels to kill bacteria in the water. A semi-permeable membrane is used to remove the inorganic ions of salts and metals that reside in Arizona water. Sometimes there are additional filters needed for further processing of the water. Many Reverse Osmosis units have different configurations. Before you purchase any form of water treatment, contact your local experts from All About Water – Ecowater Systems for an in home consultation! Give us a call at (480) 422-2601.
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