Does All Your Water Need a Water Softener in AZ?

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When you have a water softener in Phoenix, AZ, you will find that there are many benefits to using soft water. It protects your plumbing and is generally cleaner for your entire home, but the truth is that you don’t have to use a water softener in Phoenix, AZ for all of the water that runs through your home. By selectively softening the water that is affected by hard water, you can save money on your water softening costs and protect the parts of your home that wouldn’t benefit from the added salt.

First, you do not normally add soft water to outside hoses and sprinkler systems. While the amount of sodium in the water will not necessarily hurt plants, outside vegetation can benefit from the minerals in water that are stripped out during the softening process. Also, if you live in a dry a climate, you could be using a lot of salt if you hook your water softener in Phoenix, AZ up to the outside water. As a general rule, you are best served by keeping outside hoses free of sodium-rich softened water.

Second, many people choose to have their water softener in Phoenix, AZ unhooked from drinking water. Water that has been softened can have a slightly different flavor to it, and so you do have the choice of keeping your drinking water hard. Other people who are on a sodium-restricted diet will also choose not to have their water softener in AZ treat drinking water. Most installers will recommend connecting the soft water to your ice machine though. Hard water can make ice look murky and can eventually clog up the machine. There isn’t enough sodium in softened water to make ice dangerous.

Most places in your house can benefit from soft water, but if you want to save money or don’t like the taste of water, you can have your installer configure your water softener in Phoenix, AZ to your own personal preferences.

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